16 September 2011

Today's Tarot - Judgement

The Judgement card has many meanings associated with it. The Tarot deck evolved in Medieval Europe, so this card has many images and ideas drawn from the Christian notion of "Judgement Day". I'm not at all comfortable with any of those, which to my mind ring of bigotry and judgementalism rather than wisdom, reason or good judgement. I much prefer the more modern, universal, egalitarian conceptualization of it as "consequences and renewal".

Today, the consequences part is what jumps to the forefront. Not in a punitive way, but more in a cause-and-effect way. The things we do and say have consequences...to others and to the way our future unfolds.

There is a feeling of "advice" around the card today. The advice is to see things as they are before rushing to judgment. Nothing clouds reason and intuition, both, quite like heavy expectations.

It is a little less stressful that way too. It lifts two burdens from you, at least for a moment, when you look at things with that clear, Zen, as-they-are frame of mind. You spare yourself from making a decision, a judgement just at that moment. Plus you spare yourself from the weight of expectation. Taking a moment to see things as-they-are and here-and-now frees you from both the expectations formed by the past and worries about the future. Even if that frame of mind only lasts a moment, at least it is a peaceful moment.

Wishing you a day filled with peaceful moments.


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