About Modern Oracle


"Modern Oracle" Tarot is based on my upcoming book by the same name.

"Modern Oracle" Tarot readings are:
  • CLEAR: Down-to-earth with nothing to hide, I use plain, simple language to give messages just as I get them from intuition / spirit. 
  • KIND: Nothing occult or frightening. Perfect for your first ever Tarot reading.
  • PROFESSIONAL: I bring the same sense of ethics, privacy and dignity to Tarot readings as I do to my holistic health clients. I approach the readings the same as if you were talking to a minister or a counselor.
  • AFFORDABLE: Prices based on $5 per card - about $0.50 cents per minute, give or take. $5 travel fee for private sessions. Travel fee waived for card parties. Please ask about per hour rates.
  • FUN: The whole idea of Tarot is to relieve stress, have a little fun. Understanding a problem and getting an idea of how to move forward is a happy thing...Tarot is entertainment with a heart.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: I used to work in child-adolescent psychiatry back in my early days as a physician assistant. Now I'm a mom. Those things let me adapt the card meanings to be age-appropriate for younger party guests and for teens getting a reading with their parent's approval. Positive, uplifting, encouraging messages are given to younger sitters - never anything negative or scary. Wash your hands, eat your vegitables, and help around the house goes for you grown ups too!

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