Pittsburgh, PA area

By appointment only, in select locations - please contact me for details 

  • In your home in select south hills neighborhoods OR in a mutually agreeable, public but quiet place in the south hills area
  • 5 cards $30, takes aprox. 45 minutes
  • 7 cards $40, aprox 60 minutes
  • Select locations (near I-79, Cannonsburg to Cranberry, 376 W Green Tree to Robinson, 50W Carniegie to Bridgeville - please contact me for full details)
  • For large gatherings: $60/h. 1 card meditation readings, estimate 10 readings per hour. 
  • "Classic Card Party": Each guest pays for their reading as it is given. Each guest may  choose from 3 cards for $15 or 5 cards for $25 - minimum of six readings to schedule. Party Host responsible for difference if $90 minimum is not met. Suggested for groups of 6 to 10. Please allow  2-3 hours for readings, especially if the 5 card selection is popular. 
All readings for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 years or older to schedule. 

Younger party guests are welcome to  receive age-appropriate readings with adult permission. All readings are for entertainment only, advice, not predictions. All party readings are fun, light, full of inspiration and advice, never predictions and nothing scary or dark.

Please read the small print policy page

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