15 September 2011

Today's Tarot - 9 of Swords

9 of swords: "useless regrets"...Thoughts matter. They can even neutralize and release old negative thinking when we catch ourselves at it.

If you find yourself dwelling on old past mistakes, dwelling on old hurts, re-thinking things you could have done better, fearing what might happen...then just firmly think "end" or "cancel" and imagine the no-good-whateveritis just evaporating to a nothing mist that can not harm you or anyone else. Set in its place a golden image of something better.

It sounds a little like some sort of shallow 'just say no to negative thinking' campaign. Taken alone, the first step is. Placing the prefered image in the place of the undesired image is an important part in my opinion. Both parts together speak to very old traditions and ideas such as "like attracts like", "the law of attraction", creative visualization, manifestation and so on.

Wishing you a day of thoughts that end well...no matter how they start out.
Inspired by @Joy_Star on Twitter.com.


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