19 September 2011

Today's Tarot - 7 of Swords

Being lost, feeling lost is sometimes the perfect opportunity for accidental discovery. 
When you are looking carefully, to find your way back, your sharpened perception might see something you would have overlooked under normal circumstances. Sometimes being lost breaks habits and lets new, needed information in.

That applies to thought and personal growth as much as to being literally lost. I'm not talking about dangerous-lost in the wilderness or a high-crime neighborhood. I'm talking about an accidental turn that shows you a shortcut for the morning commute, or lets you drive past a little hole-in-the-wall that becomes your new favorite restaurant.

If we feel lost in our lives, it shows us that something needs to change. The little jolt that comes when we realize we are lost, wakes us up enough to show things we were sleeping through. It can show where we are on auto-pilot. Getting lost and un-lost shows us new  thought and behavior patterns that work better.
Sometimes getting lost is good, because getting yourself un-lost can be a real learning experience.


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