20 December 2010

The Wheel - Arcana in Balance series

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It seems odd to talk about change in a time of tradition like this.

Yet it fits. Nothing is as inevitable and inexorable as change. It is more fundamental to the universe than any holiday tradition. It is the universe, it is life.

Here in the winter holidays, we celebrate life. We celebrate the light of human life, and enlightenment, love, compassion and all that light represents. Light is a symbol integral to life. Light, is in a fundamental way, essential to life. No light, no crops, no food, no life.

Change is just as essential. Ironically, it is the most feared essential thing.

If things are good we fear loosing it. If things are bad, we fear it won't change.

Change, the essential element of the Wheel card is essential to life. If there is no change there is no growth. If things don't decay or change, there is no room for the new.

Change is hope. Change is a new start when we need it. Change can be for the better.

The Wheel card, though, captures one very comforting element of change. It can happen in different increments.

At the axel of a wheel, it changes little at all, change is the wheel hub around the axel. At the hub, and spokes near the hub, the arc of movement is smaller than at the rim, where the circumference is largest.

This gives us a model to deal with change with courage.

Keep the treasures on the inside. Through tradition, memory, love, priorities, appreciation - we can keep the times and people we treasure most with us, closest to heart.

The things that need changed, that need refreshment, renewal can me moved to the rim, for the biggest trip around the wheel: the most change.

It's all relative. From any point of view, a spinning wheel is always half moving up and half moving down. Whether a certain change is good or bad depends on which direction you are watching the wheel at a given moment.

In this time of tradition, may your circle of friends, family and loved ones be near. In this time of tradition may the hub or your wheel be strong, with all the mud and negativity thrown off as we spin toward the new year.


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