22 December 2010

Wonderful Life

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."
~Carl Sagan

I have "The Wonders of the Solar System" with Professor Cox playing in the background as I write this. The card I drew today is the Page of Coins...it's meaning, wonder.

Coincidence, perhaps, but also possibly synchronicity. A reminder of the wonder of it all.

This series reminds me a bit of Cosmos. The views and sunset are beautiful, and the artwork of planets and galaxies is enchanting, as those things always are. The writing is on the verge of poetic, just like Dr. Sagan.

Does knowing the truth about living on a tiny planet around a middle of the road star, on the edge of a common galaxy - does knowing that diminish the beauty of blue skies and sunsets and the sight of the Milky Way on a dark summer night? No, not in the least. A rose by any name is as sweet...and a life seen through the twin spectacle lenses of science and compassion is breathtakingly, spectacularly beautiful.


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