07 September 2012

Q&A: How can I help make it a good date?

Q: My name is ######. I met *****a month ago at work. We will be getting together again soon, socially this time. I know you can't tell what he will do, but what can I do to make it a good date for both of us?

A. Excellent! This is exactly what tarot is all about. I'm happy to help and will do my best for you.

First, I'll shuffle the cards with the idea of "what can ##### do to help things go well for her and ******".

General pattern: There are two major arcana cards and three minor arcana cards. I see that as meaning there is energy in this relationship, there will be movement and progress, but no crises, nothing too fast, no major change...more like a natural, pleasant progression of things, not a sudden change. Of the minor arcana cards, the suites are balanced...three of the four are represented. That feels to mean that this is a very even-keel path, a sort of "don't rock the boat" sort of feeling...at the same time it feels like you get that too...you know the value of letting things progress naturally, not to push that sort of thing. If anything there is an acknowledgement of your own inner knowing, your own wisdom and intuition.

In fact that very idea ties directly to the first card, the "lessons from the past" card, which is the Ace of Coins or "greatness". The feeling here is very much one of validation, acknowledgement, encouragement, and reminder: this card reminds you that you have good insight and common sense. If there are times when you let your head rule your heart too much, this card reminds you that you are good at emotion and intuition too. You have a great heart - let yourself follow it when the time is right. There is an undertone, a sort of secondary message to remember...look back at past things that work well. The good parts of other relationships, the good parts of examples you seen...for example the things you admired about your parents relationship, or other romantic relationships you may have seen in your life. Take the good things that you have seen, admired and experience, and let that guide you here too. With many women, this would be where I add to avoid past mistakes too...but in your case, I don't get that about you at all. If there is an over-riding feeling from this card it is to say how wise and good-hearted you are and have been all along.

The next card is "lessons now", the King of Swords, meaning "forging the spirit" or "inner learning". I think this speaks to getting to know *****, being observant and attentive. I get the sense he may be the type of guy to notice in return...he'll notice your attention to detail and thoughtfulness. No matter how things go for you two in the long run, there is the feeling that this will ultimately be a good thing in your life. You will learn and grow for knowing him, for being open to this relationship and what it can give and teach.  Here I get the mental image of a red rose, an d 'hear' "this is a good thing"

The "way forward" card, better known as the 'future' card, is the Star, meaning hope and faith...as you know I'm not big on predictions, but I do get the feeling that this is a good omen, a card of encouragement, hope...enjoy this time, this meeting. I 'hear' "YOUR JOY WILL BRING JOY, YOUR HAPPINESS WILL BRING WARMTH AND HAPPINESS TO OTHER HEARTS"

Next the "advice card" is The Pope or Hierophant in reverse. I don't read differently for reverse cards...I take all possible meanings, positive and negative, into consideration all the time anyway. In this case, the reversal draws my attention to one meaning more than others...conventional virtue. The reversal would lead me to say don't give into conventional wisdom or social expectations. Follow your heart, follow your inner wisdom...not what society or family may expect or push you to do. The feeling here is of the two of you in a bubble, a sanctuary, a protected place all your own, free from everyone and everything else. There is the mental image of a bright boarder around you, and using the king of sword's sword in order to draw a line in the sand...you may need to be the protector, to stand up for the two of you, to protect from pushy family members, friends or neighbors. Stand up for what is loving and right for the two of you, no matter what other's think...I don't want to be insensitive, but I want to say "even the church" here. I don't mean to offend you or *****, but that is the level of defense that comes to mind...again I see you two in a silvery white bubble, secure, lovely and protected...from white columns, from a fussing female relative, from a place with stone, and tile floors and a feeling of "official", whatever that may be.

The outcome card is the 6 of Wands...one meaning is "peace"...but I feel more drawn to say "be at peace and trust" Be at peace with your own wisdom, your own heart, and trust...trust your own feelings, trust things to unfold as they should. I want to say trust Nicola, especially if you care and want a relationship to develop...trust is needed for that.

Long story short, there is great potential here for something lovely and beautiful. The things that will help it to evolve is trusting your own wisdom and intuition, listening to your heart, give the two of you a peaceful, protected place to grow, and keep hope in what you wish to be. Be observant and attentive and your heart will know what to do.

And there the energy moves back.

I wish you both the best!

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