08 September 2012

The Yoi of Fall

Just finished the first Saturday of our Fall schedule. Yoi. And double Yoi.

Copped out on the supper thing, and we are feasting on tasty but nutritionally bankrupt things with a side of (unsweetened) fruit juice as the only saving grace.

Am kicked back checking the e-mail on the webbernet machine, and finally caught Alton Brown on the Nerdist channel (holy geeky nirvana!). Color me an official "dork fork" fan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZhSzLx5eBg.

A.B. is a Whovian....triple extra bonus genius points for him in my book (just not this one)

While snarfing my piping hot pizza nuggets, gave some thought to the Fall schedule. It never turns out the way I planned, but you have to start SOMEPLACE...so here is the skeleton of the thing, subject, as is everything in life, to change:

Blog posts: Sun-Tue-Wed-Thur

E-mail Tarot: 24/7, no appointment needed, delivery time may vary, most within 12-24 hours.

Phone Readings, Private Tarot readings, Party entertainment: by appointment only (see www.ModernOracleTarot.com for details)

E-mail Natural Health questions and consults: 24/7, no appointment needed, delivery time will vary, most within 24-48 hours to allow adequate research time if needed (see www.RondaSnow.com for details)

Reiki Sessions, In-person Natural Health Consults: by appointment only

Thanks, and hope you are having a good Saturday!

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