07 August 2012

Wisdom from the Kitchen

I was reading for a client earlier today, and the death card came up.

Before you go wiggy about it ... NO...it has nothing to do with anyone dying.

It has to do with change. "life is never the same again" kind of change. 

Not all change is bad. Not all death is dying. Sometimes old ways "die out"...for the better. Aren't we all glad slavery was abolished? What about people who truly overcome addiction? That was the "old them"...that "other" person is in a symbolic sense dead to them. Or at least in a serious coma.

In that same symbolic, conceptual sense we all evolve, grow, change and mature as time goes one. Our "old self" is gone. 

Crazy as it sounds, it reminds me a little of something I saw on FoodNetwork. Yes, a cooking show...I know, not exactly what you would connect to the death card ( I hope! ) But follow this logic...

It was one of those contest shows and the chefs were being required to cook outside of their usual cuisine...way out of their comfort zone, and one stressed chef made the comment "This isn't me"

I love Alton Brown's response to that (heck, I love just about everything A.B. has ever done on FoodTV). He said something on the order of  "Not you? No, this just is a you that you haven't seen before"

The death card is a little like that. The old "us" passes away and makes room for the new "us"...we keep the good, let go of the bad, and are given the chance at "rebirth" into something better. 

You are still you...just not a "you" that you've seen before.

Thank you Mr. Brown.


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