08 August 2012

Today's Tarot - The Chariot

I watch a lot of Discovery channel. Last night was watching the behind-the-scenes interviews with the captain's of deadliest catch. While there is much to admire about captains, pilots, doctors, first responders, military commanders and others with that leadership mindset...I felt resistant to too much admiration. Yeah, they're cool...but they are just people too. We are all, in essence, captains of our own ship through the choices we make, the actions we take, the words we speak. We are all special and we are all the same. No one is perfect. We are all captians, yes, but we also sail in the same fleet and depend on each other.

I wonder which tarot card, if any, best exemplifies this kind of thinking, and what advice it might give. Tarot doesn't cover every single notion in the world. There are more than 78 ideas in the universe. To be otherwise would be like trying to make a card for every leaf in a forest. Sometimes the best tarot can do is get us barking up the right bunch of trees. I think the bunch of trees we get here is best summed up by the Chariot card. The chariot is basically the ancient equivalent of a jet fighter or formula 1 car. Chariot drivers were captains of their own fate, and this card has much to teach. 

Today though, it feels right to draw a parallel between the Chariot card and the bottom line, distilled-down lessons from the TV show last night (don't forget...you can learn from anyone, even swearing drinking, drug-abusing, hard-driving, sporadically wealthy crab fishermen).

The Chariot: Work hard, play hard, be who you are, pay attention to what's happening now, be honest, stand strong, and do right.


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