06 August 2012

Today's Tarot - The World

Some interpretations of the World card include material success, Mother Earth, opportunity. 

For some reason today, to me, it seems more associated with "fullness of experience"...letting the outer world into your inner world of thought and consciousness. 

This idea is a bit inspired by a conversation with my sister-in-law who is really remarkable in how open she is to talking with people, and listening to them. She really is generous with her friends, family and clients that way. 

It is a lesson she and "The World" card can teach us. Spending a lifetime wrapped up in ourselves is like living life in a voluntary prison. We miss so many opportunities to help others, and to be inspired by others in those times we are feeling lost or low in energy. This is what Buddhists refer to as "mindfulness". It is putting your full attention to the right-here, and right-now. 

It is a low-risk thing to do. At worst, you just observe. Engage the situation by observing it at face value. Then it is your choice if/when/how you act or engage further. If you do, you will be engaging mindfully, compassionately. At best mindfulness will feed your soul and make this moment a full, experienced-to-the-max moment.

Wishing you a full and happy experience of your world, right here, right now.


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