10 May 2012

Today's Tarot - Temperance

Temperance: Balance is an important point of life like the fulcrum is an important point in a lever. It is fundamental to the way things work.

Balance, always balance. It seems like it is the key to so many things.  Almost as if balance, is the balance point, the turning point of the universe. Or a Doctor Who episode.

Have been outside almost all day trying to get caught up on the never-ending yard work. I don't like it. Part of me wants to like it, always has. Honestly I don't care for it much. Especially the past few years. I have this genetic thing that gave me the eye thing and the vertigo thing that makes bright sunshine uncomfortable even with sunglasses, and the balance part makes mowing and weeding, well, challenging.  Ironic isn't it? Someone who cherishes balance has it damaged in the physical sense? But so it goes. It teaches mindfulness...just like all this blogging. After a while it shows you how much we need to unplug every now and then, to go outside in the bright sunshine and pull weeds, hear the birds and feel the ground beneath your feet...or at least unplug and think about something else for a while. You can't write about life unless you live it a little every now and then - and the mundane things count just as much as the parties.



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