11 May 2012

Geek Girl's Movie Shelf

It is a rare treat to go to the theater to see a movie...most of the time I only see older movies on DVD, (or, more recently, stream it online). But using the DVD motif, movies can sit on part of geek-girl's bookshelf...as I call the occasional book reviews here.

I went to see "Dark Shadows" this morning. It felt like senior skip day. I'm calling it book research...yeah, yeah, that's the ticket, book research. (shhh - don't tell - in reality it was a fun morning with some really good friends!)

The whole thing was just plain brain candy fun. If you are a fan of the TV series, there was plenty of homage to the original show. The references and cameos were slick, catering to real fans.  If you never watched or never liked the original...still go see it! It is rollicking fun, amps up the humor, and is just a straight-up good Tim Burton movie. Throw in Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and it is irresistible. Some might say compelling.

But in the spirit of "book research"for "The Vampire Diet" (my other writing project in addition to "Modern Oracle" / "Today's Tarot") ...I couldn't find a single diet or weight loss analogy in the whole thing save one: Birthday cake. No, there wasn't any birthday cake in the movie. It is an example of how, every now and then, it's healthy to ease up and just focus on something else. Let yourself have fun. Stress is bad for health and weight. Spending a laid back couple of hours with a movie like "Dark Shadows" is  the mental equivalent of having a piece of cake on your birthday, no matter what diet you are on. In that sense, "Dark Shadows" is probably the best vampire-resource for this book and blog yet - the whole point is a little fun and entertainment. Dieting sucks, so why not have a little fun with it?  "Dark Shadows", on the other hand, does not suck (well, other than Barnabas having a snack). Have a little fun with that too, why don't you? I give it two fangs up.



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