09 May 2012

Cave man club or frying pan?

Messages from the universe are a wonderful thing.

Was talking earlier today with a friend of mine who does tarot readings and reiki too (she's also a fellow Browncoat and Whovian...was total destiny that we end up communicating)

Everyone has times of doubt and uncertainty. Even healers as skilled as she is. It seems we all need a little guidance and encouragement. Sometimes I wish the universe would tell me if it is handing me a caveman club, to just keep bashing away, and the persistence will pay off - or if it is handing me a frying pan up side the head to give me a clue to do something different. It is a tricky thing to sort out, those cave man clubs and frying pans.

One answer, especially for us who DO readings is to GET a reading. Two heads are better than one...two eyes, each with a slightly different point of view two dimensions, can be integrated to form a 3-dimensional view that is better than either one alone.

The whole thing reminded me of that rusty trusty oldie but a goodie "Parallax" from 2010.  When I signed on today, my idea was to re-post it. Lo and behold...I sign on to dashboard, and someone else had found and viewed "Parallax" since yesterday.

I can take a cosmic hint, so here it is - http://modernoracletarot.blogspot.com/2012/01/classic-post-parallax.html

Wishing you a day of hope, purpose and clear vision.

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