08 May 2012

I got nothin'

Right now I’m waiting for the car to be inspected. A nice, simple errand that we all have to do. Waiting rooms and coffee shops are gold mines of creativity, surprisingly enough. If you bring writing to a waiting room, then you are trapped. You HAVE to write because there is nothing else to entertain you except old magazines and (shudder) daytime TV. Right now there is something on involving the Miss USA contestants - I feel like I’m loosing IQ points just from hearing it in the background.

I had only planned to work on “The Vampire Diet” while here, so I didn’t even bring my tarot cards. I'm at a good stopping point with that, and it's close to the time they thought the car would be finished. I have the hunch it is a good point to switch to tarot writing instead. Tried to think of a card that feels right for "today's tarot". I got nothing.

Nothing except the mental image of throwing the cards one by one into a hat and a comedy sitcom parody of abject boredom. Or maybe just hurling the deck all over the floor in a gigantic game of 78 pick up.

So what is that supposed to mean? If I look at that feeling/mental image the same as I would if it was in a psychic cold reading for a client, what would I say? I could take it as a validation of sorts, that it was OK to set aside the tarot manuscript for a little bit to work on "The Vampire Diet". Or it could be seen as a message of petulance and frustration from my subconscious mind...I've had to set aside the "Modern Oracle" manuscript for dissertation and things before (here I make the the promise to the book...and mysef...that will definitely be my next priority project). OR it could be one of those "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" situations......I AM bored, sleepy and not feeling particularly productive.

Which might just be the message for "Today's Tarot"... tarot isn't the answer to everything. I know that, you know that, we all know that on one level or another. It is tempting to think "the cards" or something outside ourselves can predict the future, steer us in a better direction, or comfort us and reassure us that we are on the right path. It'd be nice. Even knowing better, even without the cards physically here, I want to reach out to them. They are a gateway to learning, but not the knowledge. They are a tool for hearing intuition, not the intuitive information itself. It is a way of learning, even when the lesson is "put me down".

The cards stay home today, and I got nothin'...but that's OK.

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