21 March 2012

Geek Girl's Bookshelf - A Reckless Witch

If you've read this blog before, no doubt you heard me talk about wholeness, how everything is a connected one-ness and all that. Tarot readings don't happen in a vacuum.

So while "Geek Girl's Bookshelf" and book reviews might seem off-topic, it really isn't. Book reviews are a dime a dozen here in the blog-o-sphere, especially for current bestsellers and popular topics. What I'd like to do is share my bookshelf with you - - the whole odd, eclectic, fringe-ish mish-mash that has influenced my tarot philosophy and, in turn, this blog.

Today I'm totally geeked out over "A Reckless Witch", the third book in the "Modern Witch" series by Debora Geary. Like the first two books, this one is just pure fun.

On one level, this series rouses a little bit of nostalgia. It reminds me a little of the action-adventure kinds of books I read as a kid: Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys - that sort of thing. But this is fun for grown-ups. It takes that innocent enjoyment and blends it with abstract concepts that requires adulthood to really appreciate and treasure. Love, compassion, family, parenthood, personal responsibility, nurturing, maturity and more are all woven into the story right next to the harry-potter-for-grown-up-girls surface story.

On a whole, there is much more to this book and this series than pulp fiction, paperback romance for soccer moms that I originally feared it might be. I'm glad I read it anyway. Ironically, it was because of the cool cover.

"A Reckless Witch" in particular gives us grown-up-girls a good reminder to play...just like the recent post about "the fool / the innocent" card. There is a great scene in the book with floating red glitter that is a perfect example of healthy play. In fact, that exact theme of balancing fun and responsibility is central to the story...and central to why any stressed out working adult needs to kick their feet up and read this book!

One word to any science geeks who might read "A Reckless Witch" with too much of a detail-critical eye. Yeah - I know that if you coat yourself with negative ions you will attract the positively charged magical floating glitter and not repel it...but did I mention it's magical floating glittler? Sometimes cool trumps accurate. This is one of those times. Relax.

In addition to a fun romp of a story, threaded together with subtle but important ideas, Debora Geary creates very realistic, engaging, comfortable, almost familiar characters. Who hasn't coped with life through cookies and ice cream at one time or another? Who doesn't have favorite sofa or seat? I don't know if older Irish women talk the way Moira does or not...but I don't care because she is such a wise, sweetheart of a character. After teaching pre-school martial arts and seeing the mini-maestros at my daughter's violin class...I KNOW there are Aervyn-like 4 year olds out there. Maybe it is because the themes and subject matter is right in my wheelhouse, but reading these books have been like meeting a whole house full of like minded friends.

Then there is the magic. Her approach to it is enlightened. It may be fiction, but it hints at certain real truths, as I see it anyway.

Even if "A Reckless Witch" just reminds us to balance responsibility and fun, it has worked a little modern magic.

"A Reckless Witch" on amazon.com

Well, there is your not quite off topic post...I always welcome comments about the blog, so don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions about tarot, suggested readings...even holistic health, reiki, aromatherapy, stress reduction etc...please let me know in the comments. I'll give it my best shot to answer in the posts. Thanks!


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