22 March 2012

The Empress and the Language of Flowers

Of all the Tarot cards, when I think of spring, I think of the Empress card.

The Rider-Waite Empress card is predominantly yellow, a spring color. There are images of grass and trees...lots of association with spring-like ideas - abundance, nature, fertility are just a few examples.

Although few Empress cards explicitly show flowers, I tend to associate The Empress with flowers, not unlike the way Mary is associated with Roses and Quan Yin is sometimes associated with violets.

Which begs the question what other associations are there with flowers? I vaguely remember my Grandmother talking about it, but apparently there really is a long tradition of certain flowers symbolizing certain things. That kind of wordless, symbolic communication is very tarot-like, and very appropriate for springtime.

Hurray for the Internet! Here are a few Victorian era inspired flower meanings...a longer list is available at http://www.almanac.com/content/meaning-flowers

Black eye susan - justice

daisy - innocence

holly - hope

lavender - devotion and virtue

red rose - love and desire

violet - loyalty

zinnia - thoughts of absent friends


lotus - spiritual awakening (buddhist)

chrysanthemum - yang energy and good luck (Chinese)

Pansy - thoughtfulness, freethinking

daffodil - honesty and truth

Happy Springtime!


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