20 March 2012

Tai Chi and The High Priestess

Roots are important too, but maybe not the kind you might think.

Yesterday's card, the page of wands talked about adaptability and survival. It is the classic analogy of the tree that bends in the wind so it does not break.

Today's card, the 9 of wands speaks to something similar. Think of that same tree in the storm. If the roots are too weak or too shallow, then the tree falls over in a storm, no matter how much it bends in the wind.

The same is true for people. We have to adapt and deal with change to get along in well in life because time passes and stuff changes...that's just the way reality is.
People need something to hold on to, something trustworthy to believe in and hold on to when challenges come along. We need belief-roots because time passes and stuff changes...that's just the way reality is.
We need something to help us hang on while we're bending and adapting.

Say "roots" in this context, and one of the first things to come to mind is the "family values" we learned as children. The reflex is to think of the beliefs of biological family. If that is true for you, well done. Count yourself lucky and hang on tight to that precious tradition.

But what about those people born into addicted, abusive, unhealthy, genuinely dysfunctional families? What about those less fortunate?

Your roots don't have to be the same as those of your biological family. Heck, they don't have to be the same as anybody else's at all. Being different, unique and individual isn't the same as being uprooted, indecisive, floundering or lost. In the words of Tolkien..."not all those who wander are lost".

Roots are the things that connect you to the cosmos...not the connections of those who came before. What worked for them, might not be right for you...that's where we go right back to adaptation. This is a different time, a different generation, and it is only natural to adapt to your own situation and mind-set. Here we draw in the High Priestess card from a few days ago...honoring your inner truth is a high spiritual discipline. It takes a good dose of courage and discipline to believe what you know is true instead of what you've been told is true.

Like the parts of a tree, these three cards together give us a hint how to weather the storms that come along in life... the page teaches adaptability, the wisdom of bending in the wind. The 9 of wands shows us we also need to find our root...to learn our truth and hold tight to it. The Priestess reminds us to be brave. Unless you are a Tai Chi person, the courageousness of rooting and bending is not as obvious as charging full tilt at a problem, like the knight of swords might. The 9 of wands shows us the power of roots, the page of wands shows us the wisdom of bending, and the Priestess shows us the subtle courage it takes to weave the two together and survive the storm.


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