18 March 2011

How to have a Great First Psychic Reading

I felt the same way.

People feel a little nervous about their first psychic reading. There are many different reasons why. I think, in general, it is a fear of the unknown. Some worry they will get "bad news"...which is really impossible when you know about the role choice plays in everything, and that predictions are resonance and possibility at the very most, never a certainty. For me, and I suspect some others too, it was the ghost of extreme religious upbringing and all the misconceptions that subculture has about psychic work and intuition.

I've lost money doing it, but it is the right thing to do...

I always tell first time clients that seem nervous about getting a reading about how I work...not predictions, just advice, choice, empowerment. The ones who want that prediction...they want to know exactly how their career and wealth will be in the next 6 months, or they don't want to hear anything except that a lost love is coming back to them, or what have you. A lot of people want that kind of reading. I can't ethically or honestly do that, so either they order a reading and are unhappy with it, despite the sample readings and information pages on my website that they can read, despite all the blog posts here, in spite of my TELLING them what my readings are like...or they just disappear, more often than not.

It doesn't do much for my wealth or career, but I'd rather do an honest well-done reading deal with the anger and disappointment, even if it is their own d#%^ fault for ignoring what they were told.

Which leads us to HINT #1

Talk to the psychic before you schedule, and more important LISTEN to what they are telling you about the way they work. You have a right to ask questions first, and if you don't feel comfortable with what you learn, hear and feel, then don't schedule. Why waste your money, your time, or theirs?


Shop around. There is no shortage of psychics. Especially with the internet. You can connect with a psychic halfway around the world if you are just a little open to the idea of phone or e-mail readings. Some psychics are limited to the "in-person" sort of motif. In my experience, the really helpful messages, the real "spirit guided" stuff if you will, comes from outside of 3 dimensional space and time, so it doesn't matter where or when you get the reading...it is just as valid if you read it later, or are far away talking on the phone or video chat.

My theory is this...if they NEED to be with you to read for you, then there is a higher than average chance that they are not really working from intuition or psychic information. They could very well just be taking clues from your appearance, reactions, remarks and so on. If you get a reading by e-mail, or by recording, none of that is even possible, so you know the whole thing is totally intuitive and sincere.

HINT #3 Use your feelings as a guide. If you are worried about psychic work or tarot readings being 'demonic' or 'satanic' then a reader with a goth -occult sort of style probably isn't the right match for you. On the other hand, some people find a new age, angels, crystals and feathers kind of reading hard to take seriously, and they need something with a little more drama and a little more edge to it in order to hear the lesson that is needed. Some people aren't comfortable with either extreme...that is where I make my niche...not scary, not airy-fairy, just down to earth, no-nonsense readings. There are many styles and personalities...so keep looking until you find a good match for you.

If you feel comfortable with the psychic, you'll get a better reading and it will be a better experience - for both of you.

That is another reason I like e-mail readings...you are totally within your own comfort zone. You get the reading in your environment at a time you are ready for it...you are in control. You can re-read the information until you really 'get it' or can let go of it if is off target. You can keep it and go back to it again later. It's a good deal all around

Hint #4

Psychic readings aren't really so mysterious. The psychic should be willing to tell you up front what to expect...including prices and business practices. I wouldn't trust someone who wasn't transparent and up front about giving readings...so I don't work that way. My readings are totally a what-you-see-is-what-you-get operation.

Hint #5

Be willing to do your part. What you give comes back to you. If you are willing to play your part in the psychic experience, you'll get a higher quality reading in the end.

Psychics take time to learn their skill, learn to deal with people, and they devote the reading time just to YOU, so it is only fair to pay the agreed upon cost in the agreed upon way. If you don't you are stealing their time and skill, and that will become part of your energy and history, not theirs. It isn't a precise thing...sometimes what you NEED to hear will come through way more than what you WANT to hear, so help the process along by trying to make sense out of what IS said rather than trying to wring your hopes and expectations out of it. Sometime it takes a little time to connect the dots, and put 2 + 2 together, especially when you are dealing with symbols and abstract ideas like a psychic tarot reading. So why not save your reading to go through it a few times until things fall into place? If you are getting an in-person reading, make a recording or take notes. Same for phone and video chat readings. E-mail readings do that for you...all you have to do is save the e-mail or the attachment. Easy.

Eezy peezy...just get information, ask questions, take notes, shop around for a good match, and, as John Edward says, "leave your expectations at the door"...that's all it takes to find and ethical psychic and get a great first psychic tarot reading experience.

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