16 March 2011

Daily meditation - Justice - 16 March 2011

Interesting progression to have Justice right after the Pope like that. I shuffle the cards and draw one at random right as I sit down to write these daily meditations, so I think these kinds of progressions and connections can be significant, just like in any larger reading.

The traditional meaning of Justice is "wisdom". This also speaks to an inner moral compass, and individualized compassion rather than sweeping dogma and ideology.

My mind is drawn to a story I heard once about Confucius. Two of his students asked him similar questions about applying what they had learned from Confucius. One student he told to go apply what he'd learned right away, don't wait. The other he told to think about it, talk it over with his family, and be very sure of it before applying what he'd learned. A third student heard both answers and asked Confucius why he gave two seemingly opposite answers to the same question. The teacher answered that it was what the students needed...one was very shy, and reticent by nature, and needed encouraged to act, while the other was rash and impulsive by nature and still needed to learn some restraint.

That is the kind of wisdom and adaptation the Justice card suggests.

When the Justice card comes along in a reading, I think of the words I heard from a psychic and teacher, Sallie Christensen, nearly 20 years ago now..."the highest and best for all concerned". Yes, we must have compassion for ourselves, but there are times where wisdom, and concern for all are the over-riding factor.

Wishing you a day of peace, wisdom and justice.



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