21 March 2011

When psychics fail

n my experience, there are no magic bullets.

It seems like a huge paradox. All things are one, all things are a part of the greater cosmos. Yet, at the same time, there are no panaceas, no one person or philosophy that has all the answers.

I like to think of it like a diamond...all things are one. A diamond is interconnected at the deepest atomic level, a carbon lattice. But to understand it, to see and appreciate its deepest beauty, we humans carve it into smaller shapes we can handle...we put facets on the diamond. No one facet, no one point of view, understandable though it may be, gives us the full beauty of the diamond. Only by seeing it from different angles, seeing the play of light through the angles...only then we see how beautiful the crystal is.

The same is true of psychics and intuition. It works well...a lot. I know from direct, first hand experience that intuition and spirituality helps to deal with crisis and intense emotion.

I know, from direct personal experience that it doesn't cover everything. Sometimes life demands practicality, logic, and just plain hard work. Sometimes a "cigar is just a cigar" as Freud said.

Sometimes, something happens that is so large that it defies both sides of our brains, and our hearts besides.

And so it seems with the Japanese catastrophe. It tugs on our heartstrings longer than most sad news that we aren't personally involved with. The individual tragedies that touch us individually and personally are another matter. The science explains what happened and, on one level, why.

Religion, spirituality, intuition, flounder in the face of it all. The reason why terrible things happen to good people is a timeless, seemingly unanswerable question.

Sometimes psychics fail. Sometimes all our platitudes and spiritual principles fall mute and worthless in the face of pure dumb bad luck. Science can explain it, but does nothing to touch the heartbreak.

Sometimes, it seems, we are left with nothing but silent compassion. No facet on the diamond can explain or eradicate what happened. No one facet makes sense of it all.

Psychics don't have all the answers, no on does. If there is anything close to a magic bullet, it is simple compassion...a willingness to do what one can, and that being done, to send a healing intent and thoughts of healing light to site of tragedy, in this case to the land where Reiki was born.

Sending my condolences...

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