23 December 2010

Merry Festivus

What a hoot. They interviewed Jerry Stiller today on the news. People are still having fun with Festivus. I wonder why a comedy bit from what? 10, 15 years ago has struck such a deep chord and lasted so long. The same idea has been echoed since...any Jimmy Neutron fans out there? Have yourself a Merry little Pule too! I like pie!

Here is my guess. We like to celebrate life.

Whether it is some emotional religious thing, lights, food, trees, santa, rudolf, snow, solstice or what have you....if culture and religion hadn't given us holidays to celebrate light, life and the triumph of hope and humanity...we would have made one up. And we have. If the holidays we have don't quite fit what we need...we'll make up a new one...and we have!

There was a time when Christmas wasn't Christian, and every culture has some big shindig at some point in the year, winter or otherwise.

The sacredness isn't the day or the superficial trimmings. The sacredness isn't even the food...though that is pretty darn close in my book...

The sacredness is in the consecration we give it. The magic is in the mundane, when we choose to find it there. And it is there, always, everywhere. A holiday comes to be when a large group of us decide to lift the lid on the everyday sacred and magical mundane all together, all at one time...a cosmic flash mob of sorts.

So raise the aluminum pole and celebrate the passions and gusto of humanity...even the grievance airing, head of household pinning variety of human! That is part of us too, right along with all the compassion and enlightenment. Sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar, and sometimes you just want another glass of eggnog.

So here's to Festivus - the holiday for the rest of us.

Happy Holidays!


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