04 October 2010

A Bitter Pill

Sometimes the answer is just plain no.

Everyone can listen to their intuition...we all have it.

Not everyone is cut out for working with it publicly. One of the hardest parts of doing readings for other people is ... not giving "bad news"...but not being able to give any news at all.

Psychics aren't like battery packs...it isn't throw a switch and psychic ON!

Sometimes there is a personality mis-match. Or sometimes the sitter is so fixed on a certain idea they can't hear what you are saying...whatever the case, sometimes there is a wrench in the works, a jam in the pipeline.

When that happens...and if you do this professionally, it at some time will...then the honest thing to do is to buck up and say so. If I'm just not getting any message...so be it. If someone just won't listen to my policy about predictions vs advice or choice...see ya. I won't just make something up and take their money. Which sucks, because I could use the income as much as the next person.

Like doctors and mechanics, psychics have our strengths and specialties. Some mechanics just have a knack for electrical systems. Some doctors specialize in hearts, others toes. You don't ask a podiatrist to treat you high blood pressure long term or a cardiologist to operate on your bunion. Would you get mad at a doctor if he sent you to someone else because your illness was outside their specialty. A good psychic will do the same thing...if we aren't getting any message or intuition about you, then we will at least try to put you in touch with resources that might be better able to help. Or at least and ETHICAL psychic will.

An unethical psychic would make something up and charge you anyway.

It's a bitter pill for everyone: we don't like not being able to help...we don't like not getting payed. The person who is looking for answers doesn't like hearing 'I can't help".. But sometimes the bitter pill is the best medicine.

That is why the STRENGTH card is in the MAJOR arcana. It's a big, but essential lesson for everyone.

Wishing you strength, ethics, compassion and integrity in all the readings you get and give.



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