01 October 2010

Onions, Ogres and Tarot

I like Shrek.

It was a fun movie. One of my favorite parts was where Shrek was telling Donkey that "Ogres are like onions"...not stinky, but they have "layers, donkey, they have layers"

Tarot cards are like that too. There are dozens of reference books telling different "meanings" for the cards. While most follow a theme, there are subtle differences.

And now way to know which definition to use. That's part of the intuition bit of Tarot reading. It isn't like reading a book. The obvious 'meaning' isn't always the right one. Part of reading cards is reading the language of spirit and intuition, and knowing when to ignore the obvious. If it was all-obvious all the time, then we wouldn't need intuition or 'psychics' now would we?

Sometimes layers add to depth, complexity and richness. Sometimes they just ad to confusion.

So here is how I cook the tarot onion so to speak.

Shop around...read lots of resources. Then pick the one you 'resonate' with. When we psychics use the term 'resonate' we mean 'vibe with' ...

In other words, pick the reference that seems comfortable, natural, and TRUE to you...no matter what other books or other readers say. The value of the psychic landscape isn't some ultimate 'truth' where there is one and only one way to understand things. It is slipperier than that...it is relative, it's Einstein, not Pythagoras. It's multidimensional. By adding different viewpoints, we get a deeper richer image, like a ct scan rather than the one dimensional read of an x-ray.

So be true to your own understanding....add your own unique view.

Once you find your top reference...use it. Write your favorite meaning on your cards even, if they don't already have one. or add to it even if it does. Tarot cards are just bits of cardboard. The sacred magic part is in YOU so writing on the cards does no harm.

Sometimes when doing or getting a reading, you will get a feeling of "wrongness" . You'll get that gut feeling that the card is trying to tell you something else.

Then go to your second favorite book or another meaning from the list your book gives. Over time, most cards have multiple meanings...so most books give lists of words or at least a few paragraphs talking about the various aspects of a card.

Worse comes to worse, just keep reading and researching a card meanings until the light bulb goes off and you find the meaning that feels so right, you know it has to be the right one!

So if you come across a card in a reading (whether you are giving or getting the reading) that just doesn't feel right...keep peeling the onion. Intuition will lead you to the layer that is right for you.



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