20 February 2009

Tarot FAQ What is a reading like?

Many of the people who call me to get a reading have never had one before.

I'm always honored that they have picked me for their first reading. So I also try to be very transparent with them, so they know just what to expect. First and foremost, I always let people know that that my readings aren't the run of the mill sort that you see all over the internet.

My philosophy about predictions, readings and psychic work in general is spelled out in detail on my website at www.modern-oracle-tarot.com. But I get the question of 'what is a reading like' so often it is worth covering it here.

I can't speak for other psychics, but here is how my readings work. I made up the phrase "intuitive pathworking" to give you a better idea of what a Modern Oracle reading is all about. And yes, I claim the copyright for my intellectual property.

Most psychics don't like to work through e-mail or on the phone as much as they like to work in person. If you are a skeptic, you could say that is because they read non-verbal clues and body language to get their so-called "psychic" information or so they  can ask leading questions that give them the information. When I do a private session, I often do ask questions to try and make sense out of the impressions I get.  So I don't know if this reading of non-verbal clues is true or not. I suspect it is the root cause of the live vs e-mail preference. Whether it is an intentional way to trick the sitter (person getting the reading) out of their money or merely a subconscious human thought process, I don't know. All I know is that I am the opposite...I do my best work on the computer because it is quiet, and I can take my time and 'listen' to my intuition. Another way to put it is that it is easier to tap in to the right side of my brain that way. So if you want the most detail, greater direct 'spirit' communication plus a detailed written report to review later to get even more from your reading plus big money savings, then e-mail is the way to go on my website.

That aside, it really doesn't matter whether we do a private session, phone session, e-mail or a quick party reading: it all works the same and the intuitive information comes through the same to me. It doesn't make a bit of difference on my end whether I type the information or say it to you. The same information gets through...the door is just a little wider and the information comes through a little more gracefully with e-mail.

The first part of any session is to talk with you a little bit to answer any questions you might have about the reading, or if you have something in particular you want answered by the reading. Of course, no predictions, no promises is always the rule. Although I may try to focus on your concern, my role is to give the information honestly as I get it. I believe the most important messages will get through for you...whether it is what we were hoping for or not.

Often I will give first time people a little background information about Tarot cards in general or my style of reading in particular, just to get the process started. Anyone who has been at a party where I'm doing readings will tell you about the 'standard speech' almost everyone gets. Don't worry...it's short and hopefully not too boring!

After that we'll shuffle the cards. If it is a live reading, then you will tell me when to stop shuffling just to show you that it really is random, not something under my control. If it is an e-mail reading, I'll just use intuition to stop when it feels 'right'.

If it is a live session, then you will pick the card or cards from the deck, just to make it even more random and even more personalized. In an e-mail session I just turn over the top cards of the deck. I trust that the right messages will get through no matter how the card shuffling /placement details are handled. So far this has worked out just right...just ask all the people who have liked their readings!

The cards are placed face up on the table. Often there is a little bit of a quiet pause here as I look at the cards and start to understand them.

The first thing we talk about (or I write about in e-mail) is the general patterns: major vs minor arcana, what minor suites are showing, the proportions of different card types etc.

Then we'll go through the cards one by one and talk about the traditional meaning for each card, how that relates to its position in the spread, and any intuitive information that comes through with that card specifically

At the end we'll summarize, and talk about how the cards relate to each other in the overall pattern of the way the cards are placed on the table. The way the cards are placed and the meaning attached to each place in the pattern are called the "card spread". There is an explanation of the card spreads that I designed on the website, and I'll write more about that here in the future.

To wrap things up, we'll take a minute for any general intuitive impressions that might come through. These impressions might be related to your question, or they might not. They might be related to the cards...or not. Most often they are the most random and personalized of the intuitive images, feelings words and symbols that come through in a reading. Understanding this part is a lot like understanding a dream. The meaning for you might be different than it is for someone else. So this part will require some thought on your part to understand. If you have a gut feeling about what a certain thing from this part means...then go with that !

During a live reading you are welcome to ask questions. I keep my questions to you to a minimum - that way you know the information is purely intuitive, and not from me using your answers. Sometimes I DO draw on things you've said, but I will let you know that is what's happening. I always try to acknowledge information from you for what it is.

For e-mail, one follow up e-mail is included to take care of any clarifications you might need. With e-mail, I can't ask you anything at all, so you KNOW it is purely psychic information that is coming through. That is why e-mail is a great inexpensive option for first time sitters...you can be confident in the process, plus it is a less expensive way to sample a Tarot reading to see if this is right for you. 

If you have any questions about psychics, tarot, spiritual guidance or related topics, please contact me at faq@modern-oracle-tarot.com. I'll post the answer here in the blog ...but keep your identity private of course.

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