06 February 2009

5 Feb. 2009 daily meditation, continued.

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Today's card is the Ace of Swords - continued from yesterday.

Traditionally, the swords as a suite (group) of cards represented conflict.

I think a more contemporary way to look at is would be a symbol of our personal power in relationship to society, and to people / symbols of authority.

Specifically, the ace of swords symbolizes "awakening".

They say that we are in the beginning of a great spiritual awakening.

I have also heard that incidental physical actions and things can reflect the mood of the country. I forget where I heard this, but one example that was used was, sychronistically enough...the great depression. The example was that in a country paralysed by fear over the economy, we elected a President beset by polio and in a wheel chair. 

This time around we chose a president of calm, intellect, tolerance, progress, results, personal responsibility, and true personal leadership. Quite a different situation.

Again to apply this card to our personal lives, it is asking us to see the spiritual and intellectual places in our lives that are sleeping. 

Yesterday, I said that when we are on autopilot, and asleep at the wheel, life may send conflict to wake us up. A way to solve those conflicts is to 'rise above' . Go in the way the sword on the ace card is pointing...up...to get a clearer, larger view to see your way past conflict.

Today we are being asked for a different sort of clarity. A clarity of heart and emotions awake as well.

Where have we let our compassion sleep. Where have we failed to appreciate and be mindful of life...the good and the bad of it. 

Sometimes it pays to think of the OPPOSITE of a card too...the yin and the yang of it. What do we need to put to sleep? Fear? Anger? Judgementalism? Intolerance? What do we need to rest and release in order to awaken something better?

May your awakening be a gentle one...love and light to all

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