16 March 2009

One Card Meditation for Spring.

Spring officially starts on Friday, I believe.

This time of year brings one thought for me: how glad I am that I left Christianity to follow the path of truth and compassion as I see it. There are many paths to Truth.

That whole subject has a bitter tang to it. Not unlike some of the herbs that are traditionally used this time of year to detoxify after winter, to cleanse and renew for spring. Dandelion 'springs' to mind. Pretty bitter stuff, but very healing for some. So Easter is for me...bitter tasting past memories, but a healed new lease on life. So forgive me if I scream Bah Humbug at the Easter Bunny...I see it as the chocolate eggs of natural springtime, laced with the arsnic of judgementalism and bigotry.

So it is no small coincidence that I pulled the Judgement card for today's meditation. Probably more a lesson for me than anyone else out there. But here it is, for what it is worth, and in the hope somebody, somewhere sees something of value in it.

The card is the major arcana card of Judgement

While this card has its roots in the law-and order mindset of the European Christian culture where Tarot cards first developed I believe Tarot is a living art, a folk art, that has progresed and evolved with the societies where it is still used. That i swhy I want to bring a modern, progressive outlook to my readings...not be trapped by old notions of linear time, fate, and "predictions".

The feeling I get from this card is not so much one of judgement, but one of consequences, yes, but also of renewal.

There are consequences for past actions and decisions, yes. Sometimes we all make mistakes, or could do some things with more grace or compassion. But once those consequences have been faced, we are free to start over.

As I see it, there is but one yardstick by which to judge our life-experiences: Compassion

If we look at life through the lens of rules, and judgments, and good vs evil, then we either become bigoted and arrogan, or we become guilty and self-derisive. Neither extreme is healthy. Yet if we judge life with compsssion...for ourselves and for other...then Earth isn't such a bad place to be.

Certainly there are injustices to be fought, wrongs to be righted. Is is it compassionate to quietly allow people to be hurt? No.

In our day to day lives, is ti compassionate to judge our experiences and the individuals we encounter as good or bad based exclusively on one's own religion or ideology? I would have to say no to that too. 

Who is to say what religion or philosophy is right? What is right for me may be poison to another.  Their only salvation may kill my soul. There is no one privileged frame of reference in physics, according to Einstein. The same is true of religion and philosophy.  There is no one true religion or one true philosophy.  As I see it, we much each make a mindful choice of what is right for each of us AND then act compassionately as to do no harm to others in accordance with the truth we each see...and choose...for ourselves.

To go with the idea of renewal, and with the time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere, I get the mental image of shamrocks and flowers...as if they are a bouquet being handed to a delighted child. A reminder to us to take pleasure in natural beauty and the changing seasons...or at least the changing energies of the season, no matter what your weather may be.

Now I see images of stars and galaxies, as if from nasa or the hubble telescope...a reminder to look to the "big picture", and let our highest ideals guide us when ever we can.

Now I see the color gold. Right now it feels as if this is a reminder that our natural world is a treasure.

Of course it is up to each of you to adapt these images to your own personal meanings and experiences.  Images from intuitive readings are like images in a dream. You can get the general meaning, like looking up a dream in a dream dictionary, but the images also have very persoanl  meanings that can only be understood by you, in the context of your individual experiences. So if you have a personal meaning for these images, by all means take those first. Trust your intuition...we all have hearts and imaginations, why not trust them?

With that, the reading ends.

Best wishes and happy Spring to all!


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