18 June 2008

one card reading...18 June 2008

The economy is in the news every day. As time has gone on, I've seen

a definite increase in the number of money and career questions.

Unfortunately, I can't predict your career or finances any more than

your love life, nor would I even try for all the reasons we've talked

about. All the philosophy behind my no-predictions stance is still on

my website at www.modern-oracle-tarot.com if you are interested.

After yet another finance question today, I wanted to share this one

card daily meditation with you. It was drawn with the insight of

giving insight to finances, but also with the intent of general life

insight...maybe some clue how to be happy and content as we go

alond doing all the practical, logical, non-psychic, non-intuitive

things that we all have to do to get along financially. In my

experience, logic and practicality will always win over intuition in the

realm of day-to-day finances. Otherwise all the psychics would be

billionaires! There are many more lessons in life, and as many priorities

as there are people. Here is what came up ... see what you think.

The card that came up for you is "The Chariot". There are two major

sections of Tarot cards, the major arcana and the minor arcana...the

major arcana reflects the major life lessons and stages that we all go

through and have to learn. A major arcana card is often an

indication of a major lesson to be learned...in your case a lifestyle

shift or a shifting of priorities. Things that once were very important to

you might have to take a back seat. There may be a shifting and re

-prioritizing of material things to fit your new budget. I "hear" the

phrase "live within your means". These are difficult financial times and

there is a shift like this on a grand scale, and may be part of what

Jung called 'the collective subconscious". It is a general trend to be

less materialistic, more green, more thoughtful, and some would say

more spiritual as well.

This idea resonates strongly with the ideas of "The Chariot". Chariots

were difficult to drive, and races were dangerous, even

chaotic...sort of the NASCAR of its day. To safely "pilot" a chariot in a

battle or in a race, the charioteer had to be very "heads up", aware,

"in the zone" able to calmly react to any fast paced situation with

calmness, awareness, logic, and a practical foresight. In Japanese

martial arts this sort of moment of clarity and direct understanding is

called "sartori". There is also a parallel here with modern test pilots

and fighter pilots.

I get the feeling this card is reminding us that the best approach to

our modern financial concerns is old fashioned clarity, practicality

and awareness...

Take a calm, clear-headed look at where you are spending your

money. Where can you cut back? What can you cut out? What is

really important? What is just blind habit and not really serving any

good purpose to you? If the things that you spend money on, what

really pleases you? What do you really feel passionate about?

Metaphysicians say that money is "energy"...think of money as a part

of yourself. Where do you want to put your energy and spirit? Where

do you want to give of yourself? Do you want to trade that money

for the food, clothing and shelter to care for your family? Or is it all

fluff and bling? Is it nuturing and nutrition, or one big pile of junk

food? The idea of quality over quantity not only makes financial

sense but also a sort of spiritual sense too...give your time, energy

and money to things that are REALLY important to you, that feeds

your soul and makes your life better...not to ...what's the phrase from

Winnie the Pooh? 'fluff and nonsense'...well, you get the idea.

And there you have it. Not riches, but not gloom and despair either.

Best wishes and much true abundance to you all.


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