05 June 2008

Stanley cup predictions part 2

Well, that was a heartbreaker!

But this only goes to prove my point with how useless and harmful "accurate psychic predictions" can be.

Let's look at the Pens cup finals as if they were a single person facing some sort of life challenge.

If they had gotten a reading and heard a "prediction" that they would win, and things turned out as they did...then that would breed anger, resentment of the prediction, or other ill-feelings. That's never productive, now is it? Of course not.

If they had gotten the "prediction" the Wings would win, then they may have given up after game two, and the world would have been denied some really wonderful, inspirational moments and that rocking triple overtime win in game 5. What they gave to the world with thier persistance to the very last second of the very last game is a lesson to all of us. What they won, what they gave to us watching, rendered the cup secondary. And considering we're talking about the Stanley Cup...that's saying something.

If they had gotten an advice type of reading, that encouraged them to take their fate into thier own hands...then I think we would have seen exactly what we did see...a gargantuan attempt, play with integrity and ferocity and a sports-watching experience transcendant of the material prize.

Most of the time the phrase sports heros is a gross over-statement. In this case it isn't. Well done, guys. You'll get 'em next year.

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