27 May 2008

Just for fun...Stanley Cup "predictions"

A couple of years ago, a newspaper reporter called me to get my predictions about the Pittsburgh - Seattle superbowl game. After I gave my usual speech about how predictions are impossible based on the power of choice of each person involved...and how I think preditions are pretty much impossible, if not harmful, and the best anyone can do is get a sense of probabilities...and not to mention being from Pittsburgh OF COURSE I expected the Steelers to win.

They did...by the point spread I'd guessed. But so what? What good is that bit of advanced information going to do for anyone? It's just a game. And we won't go into the rediculousness of predictions and bets. Greed has a karma all its own, and I'm not going there. Hey, it's just a game.

Truth is that I'm WAAYYY more of a hockey fan anyway. We don't care about predictions. We have a fervent belief that our team will bring home the Cup in the face of all improbabilities. Yes, just like the tv commercials say - hockey fans are a cephalopod tossin', towel waven', glass smackin' breed all our own.

For all that...hockey is just a game too. Predictions for sports are just as useless, and potentially harmful as they are for individuals.

Sports are just entertainment...so are any predictions made about them.

So out of pure, unadulterated amusemsent, I drew three cards about my beloved Pens...who are now 2 games down in the stanley cup finals with game 3 coming to town tomorrow...

Knight of wands...confidence...the losses so far stemmed from a sudden, disarming lack of confidence...nerves and AWE at being so close to the cup...similar to the idea of self-sabotage in an individual. But they are coming home and have the opportunity to shake off this beta-dog submissive mind set and mojo...they can be the alpha dogs and pull this out of the fire if they still want too, and coming home might just be the remedy they need.

Judgement....the team is on the precipice. There is consequences for the losses they have suffered. They can be renewed... or they can buy into a self-image of loss. They can use the losses as motivation or justification of their ultimate defeat...in a three card "pathway" reading, this is the "present" card. Their choice is here and now...nothing is yet written in stone.

The Magician...transformation....they can transform themselves into champions even now. It all lies in mindset. I don't know the exact odds, but after zero goals in 6 periods of play, my guess is that they are against a win. I don't know how many teams have come back from a 2-0 deficit to win a finals series, but it will take a bit of magic to do, no doubt. It is a possible magic.

Many sportscasters and armchair coaches have said it would be Pittsburgh in 6 or 7 games...others favor the more experienced powerhouse redwings. So what I'm saying here is the same as what anyone can guess from watching the local news or espn.

But aren't all "predicitons" kind of that way? guessing the fate of a sports team is one thing...do you want to set your mindset and your life-course with this same sort of thing?

Just as the Pens have thier choices, both collectively as a team, and as individual players...choices about training and rest and optomism or pessimism, or self-image - YOU have choices. Your predicitons...you fate and future...are just as much in your hands. They choose what they do and how they think of themselves...the same is true for you. They have a coach to show the way, and the hearts of champions. I think the cup is coming to the 'burgh. I also think that you can find your way to a better future. My goal is only to help...not to predict...your own championship win.

Best wishes, love and light to everyone.

"Baihu" Snow

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