14 May 2008

Tarot card for 14 May 2008

Tarot card for today, 14 May 2008

The Tower....Chaos

This card always reminds me of the old Chinese proverb that in

chaos lies opportunity.

This idea has come up in several readings I've done lately, so I am

sharing the idea with all of you, hoping it will give you a little hope

and inspiration.

It also is a prime example of the Modern Oracle reading philosophy.

Here is what I mean:

"In chaos lies opportunity"

Almost everyone has stressfull times in life where it seems everything is

in chaos...there are lots of changes and lots of decisions to be

made, lots of demands on your attention and your time...

Times like that are a decision point...and a major lesson to learn.

That is why the lesson of the Tower card is part of the Major Arcana...

It isn't an easy lesson, change isn't easy, and many of us would rather

avoid it.

But here is the opportunity part...

when you are making a lot of changes and decisions, you may be

under stress buy you are also exercising a great deal of control. The

choices you are making now will impact....will craft and

create...your future. Yes, work may be stressful....but that might be a

gift. It might be the situation that forces you to take a realistic look

at your career, how satisfying it is, whether it is time to change or

not. Stress and chaos gives us the gift of mindful deliberate decisions.

When we decide, we control...where there is control there is in time

less stress.

The only way chaos can keep you stressed is if you release the power

of choice that comes right along with it.

Chaos in itself isn't the problem. Change and upheaval gives us a

chance to re-evaluate things and make different choices...even if

that choice is to stay where we are and decide NOT to change...at

least it was a deliberate and mindful choice, not just static, hum-

drum, stuck-in-a-rut inertial. If it weren't for chaos, we may not

appreciate what we have or how we like things the way they are.

When change and chaos comes, then we are given the chance to

choose...those choices help you create a new life if you want one,

Those choices help you create and manefest the future that YOU

want - not one predicted by a psychic or consigned to you by fate.

Towers are also navigation points...like lighthouses, or old fort


The times of chaos in our lives can serve as navigation points. Look

back at the times when things got out of synch and stressfull, and

what can you learn? What are the common denominators? What

can you learn about yourself? Do you need to go a different way or

are you on the right track? Looking at these things doesn't

necessarily mean that you need to make a change...sometimes life

will give us confirmations...spiritual pats on the back to let us know

we are on the right way. These times are an opportunity to be

touched by the light, and touch base with the essence of who we

are and where we come from.

Wishing you beneficial chaos, and reassuring towers just when you

need them along lifes way...to give you light and help you craft a

wonderful future.


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Ronda "Baihu" Snow

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