07 May 2008

7 May 2008 a one card reading for you

7 May 2008

A one card reading for you...

Queen of Wands

A traditional meaning for this card is one of "Nurturing"

This is a perfect card for this time of year, the height of spring. Anyone who plants a garden is busy planting, pulling weeds, setting things up for summer and nurturing things along.

It's no accident that this time of year is Mother's day...this is the ultimagte in nurtuing. We seek nurturing long after childhood is over. Those of us who are parents know the joys of nurturing our children

Nurturing, protecting, helping someone or something else to grow...it is an inherant part of the human experience.

The suite of wands often symbolizes relationship with self, and our personal growth and internal spiritual journey.

This card is, for many of us, a reminder to care for ourselves. It is ok to be gentle with yourself, to nurture and care for yourself - at least every now and then.

The flowers are blooming. It is ok to smell them, see them, appreciate them.

Wishing you all the highest and best

Ronda Snow

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