20 April 2013

Today's Tarot - The Hermit

In addition to saying "I drank what?" Socrates is credited with the timeless advice "Know Thyself". 

Difficult advice to follow sometimes. I've often thought of meditation as staring at oneself square in the soul. Self-examination and self-knowledge isn't always pretty. Seems we all like to flatter ourselves to one extent or another. Self-confidence and self-esteem are pretty much essential to be successful in the modern world.

On the other hand, a little understanding of those gears between your ears can be pretty useful too. 

The Hermit card hints at one aspect of modern culture: introversion vs extroversion. Some people are energized by a party. Some people enjoy them, but in measured doses. Some people like bars and nightclubs. Other people like a vente skinny latte at the local coffee house. Or when you get to be my age, a good old fashioned nap sounds pretty good too.

It isn't for us to judge other's enjoyment or energy levels. Our job is to know ours: "Know Thyself". If you are energized by being around other people, community activity, then find that. There are positive, good-judgment ways to do that. Being social doesn't have to mean a holiday bar crawl. If quiet and alone time feeds your soul, then make time for that.

A wise hermit knows when to be alone, sit on the mountain and meditate, and when to have a cup of tea in the village with friends. "Know Thyself" and you posses that wisdom too.

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