04 April 2013

Q&A: Double Trouble - Career and Romance

Q: Hello. The reading we did last year turned out to be right on target, so I wanted to talk to you again. It isn't good news. It turns out I will need more schooling to get the job I want, but the couple of applications I've put in have been rejected. Six months ago, I connected with an old friend, and we started dating. I really care for her, and thought she was my true soul mate. Then a month ago she stopped talking to me. I don't know what happened, but can you tell me if we will hook back up or have any future together? With both of these things together, I'm starting to feel really discouraged and am losing hope. What is your advice?

A: Hello *******

I'm so glad you found our last reading together to be helpful.

I'm sure you understand that there is no way to predict if you and your friend will get back together. Tarot can not read her heart, mind or intentions. She is as much a part of this as you are. The only way to know why things have changed and what she wants is to talk to her directly if possible. If she won't talk with you, then there is no choice but to respect that and move on. Who knows? This might be an opening to meet someone new who truly is your soulmate. Keep hope, keep the light in your heart. The best way to attract your perfect soulmate into your life is to be your truest self. To bring love, give love...be a kind, bright person and your soulmate will come to that light, whoever she may be.

I'm sorry to hear that there have been so many set-backs getting into school, too.

My hunch is the best thing right now is a "mediation" reading. Let's stay focused...the card will give you and idea. It is something to ponder, and it might show you the way forward. My hunch is it will be a career focused card, since the relationship is at a point that needs real-world conversation more than tarot guidance.

After three shuffles, your card is "Justice" from the major arcana portion of the tarot deck.

Being a major arcana card, it feels as if energy and change is just on the horizon. It does feel more career connected. Perhaps with little going on in the romance department, now is the time to put your energy all into career and education. It takes a LOT of time and energy to work and go to school at the same time if that is how things need to be. Don't forget, two things...1. Persistence pays off. There is a saying "fake it until you make it"...keep going, keep applying, keep looking, don't lose hope. It does feel as if energy and change and movement is on the horizon for you. And 2. All the energy and effort you invest in your career is an investment in YOU...your quality of life. It may be part of the learning / growing process that helps you become the perfect soulmate for your ultimate mate. This time of trial may the process that helps make you into the person you want to be...and that your soulmate wants to be with.

The justice card means "wisdom"...wisdom is made up of heart and mind, logic and intuition, all working together. Also there is a sense of "find wisdom". Although there are other cards more specific to this, it feels like this card is calling in that energy of finding a mentor. Is there someone who you can turn to for advice, guidance, a referral, or anything else to help you along with academics or career? Is there one of the schools that would be willing to talk to you to say why they rejected the application and what you can do to get a better outcome later or on other applications? Do you have access to any career counseling or any how-to information about applying to schools? Are there online resources that can help??

Hang in there...I hope the positive energy really turns out as nice for you as this card seems to say. It really does feel like good stuff is there for you, as long as you don't give up. Please keep trying...it feels as if it will pay off in the long run. It usually does.

Good luck!

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