11 November 2012

Pathway Money / Wealth Reading.

Q:  I have a lot of money concerns right now. My mind is spinning, I feel so stressed - I don't know what to do next. Do you have any insight?

A:  When I read your questions, the "mind is spinning part" caught my attention.

My intuition is that is part of the problem as much as a symptom of it. Often times money and career issues need logic more than tarot readings. The value of the reading will be focus, more than anything specific.

The first card (lessons from the past) that comes up for you is the knight of cups: It's traditional meaning is "sufficiency" or "enough". Here is where logic comes into play. What is enough? How much money do you really need to get by, realistically. What can you live without? What can you really live with? More than hopes and dreams, what is it you realistically need to get by with enough in the next week? Month? Year? What do you need to do to get that amount? Is THAT something you can live with? Do you need to find a temporary strategy until you can get the work / income that you really need? The key here is knowing what is NEEDED and what is WANTED. Meet your needs - then go about figuring our how to get what you want. "First things first" as they say. Have you ever had a tendency to want to do everything at once, solve everything at once? Has there been anything in the past that helped you overcome that tendency? Maybe that can help agian.

Forgive me if this is wrong, but the feeling I get here is that the spinning and confusion comes from mixing needs and wants, and getting things jumbled. Are you familiar with the process of "triage".  Tend to most urgent things first. There is a basis for this in science. Psychology shows that people who are most stressed are ones that have a hard time prioritizing things...everything seems like equal importance. When you can sort things out, tend to the most important things first, take things one step at a time...they become much less stressful.

Next card is the King of Cups: (Lesson now) It is a card of mentoring and guidance. If you need to get help or advice about putting things in order...to put the important things first, then don't hesitate to seek that help. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs need ideas sometimes. Nothing wrong with "brainstorming" or finding someone with your expertise or greater to "bounce ideas off of" and so on. "Find an expert" is the feeling here...not a tarot reader on the internet, but a real flesh and blood expert in finances or in your career field to help you get things back on track. An expert in money / finance / career can help you figure out what to put first, even if you are an expert yourself, especially if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Finally the third card, the way forward,  is the King of Coins. The lesson here is akin to the idea of the "spiritual law of attraction" Focus your energy on solving problems...first problem first. Focus on the possible bad things that could happen and you call them too you. Focus on concrete solutions to concrete problems, and you call those to you too. Allow the good. Work for the good. Looking at the "big picture" can help you, but the "big picture" doesn't include all the stuff that MIGHT happen. The "big picture" approach can help best when it is pragmatic and realistic. If you include all the things the "might" be, that "could have been" , and all the "could haves" "should haves" and "would haves"...then the "big picture" is overwhelming, stressful,  hopeless. Sometimes after you look at the big picture only to decide where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Once you've made practical, realistic decisions about those three things, then go small...take it step by step. One step at a time, first things first. 

I hope this helps point things in a better direction. Good Luck!

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