05 November 2012

Election Tarot - The Star

Think big when you have to choose big.

The bigger the decision you have to make, the bigger the picture you should consider in making it. 

When you vote, you are choosing a lot. You are choosing your self-identity in a way. Being American (for those of you who are, and who will be voting November 6) the outcome of the election will determine what that means...and how the rest of the world views us - views you. 

So when you vote, don't think about the idiotic commercials and the endless commentary. Don't think about blind dogma or ideology. Know the facts. Choose your future. It is a secret ballot here. You boss/pastor/spouse/neighbor will never know who you voted for. You can vote for the other guy and lie about it later if that makes you happy. The point is to make a good, reality-based decision for the higher good and brighter future...whatever you see that to be.

In the early days of exploration, ships didn't sail according to birds, or clouds, or whatever direction the breeze is blowing. They looked to the sky...to the biggest picture possible...to make their choices about where and how to go. Their lives depended on those choices being good ones.

So why make this choice based on sound-bites, talking-points and 30 second ads? Why even look at the past 4 years? Why not look at the past 40? What has actually, factually, historically happened? What actions and philosophies have served us well...and what has taken us into war and the brink of disaster? What path do you want to walk from here on out?

I know bloggers aren't "real" journalists, and certainly don't posses the brain trust held by a newspaper editorial boards, but based on content of character, actual actions and decisions, the rhetoric and comportment of national Democrats since the Carter administration and the rhetoric and comportment of national Republicans since the Reagan administration...I endorse Barak Obama for President of the United States.

It is my hope that when we all vote tomorrow, our decisions will be guided by something bright, steady, true, and real, like a star, not the birds and breezes of campaign season.


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