15 May 2012

Question for a Question

Q:  Will T***** ever come back to me? I know G***** is interested in me - will we get together? Will I ever get married?

A.  Hi C******

I know you've read my blog and website, so you know what I think about predictions. Did you read those "How to find your soulmate" blog posts I sent you? I'm guessing, no. Here are the links again, in case you lost them.



I'll do a three card yes/no reading for you on two conditions...

1. You write back and tell me how YOU would feel if a stranger from the internet suddenly started reading your mind, reading how you feel, and predicting what you are going to do to your EX


2. You promise that you understand that predicting the future like this is impossible. YOU create the future through your choices...and these guys have their own choices to make too. Promise me that you realize any reading I do for a question like this is about as valid as one of those magic 8 ball toys.

I don't mean to be snarky and rude, but thinking about other people and taking responsibility for your part in this really is important thing to learn...especially in relationship questions. We've worked together enough, I know you can handle the bigger ideas.

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