18 May 2012

The 79th Tarot Card

From www.baihusnewshaikus.blogspot.com (used with permission)
Sully Sullenberger. 'Nuff said.
A quiet leader
Is the most effective kind
They lead through action.


Even with all of its depth and complexity, there are some things tarot cards don't cover. And that is saying something. Just look at the math...78 cards, times the number of cards in a spread (I use 7 at the most but a celtic cross has something like 12) times the number of potential "meanings" for each card, plus the shades of position meaning...let's just say it covers a lot of ground.
Earlier today I watched an interview with Captain Sullenberger. He's the airplane pilot that made the safe splash landing on the Hudson River a few years ago. He's written a book, and I want to read it...but that's beside the point. The interview focused on leadership, and staying calm under stress.
So what does that have to do with tarot? While the tv was on, I was trying to come up with today's post. It made me wonder...what is the best tarot card to exemplify good leadership? Diane Morgan associates it with the King of Wands. Ted Andrews attaches various aspects of leadership among all of the king cards. The Emperor is another candidate, as would any of the court / royalty cards.
I want to take it a step further. I think the role of leadership belongs squarely with the 79th tarot card...the tarot reader themselves.
Whether you read for others or just for yourself, there is a responsibility of leadership. If you read for others, it is important to be and example of ethics, wisdom, learning, listening and openness...or whatever qualities you believe essential for your sitters to grow. If you read just for yourself, without acting on what you learn, the act of reading cards is impotent and futile.
Tarot cards are, as has been said many times, a tool alone. They are just a means to access the real oracle, the real source of information, the real leader...our intuition and spirit.

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