20 April 2012

We All Have It

We all have it.

Everyone has intuition. We all have "psychic gifts". My friend, Joy Star, wrote this great analogy in her latest newsletter (www.psychicjoystar.com to subscribe).

"Everybody has intuition—it’s a basic ability ingrained within us.  It is similar to learning how to walk which is another basic ability ingrained within us.  Some people take that physical calling to walk and the physical ability to do so and they develop it into something more than basic walking—they may develop physical movement into something that they can take to the Olympics.  It’s there, there’s some natural talent, but there must be some application, effort, practice. " 

This is a great analogy. Some people are natural athletes, some people are natural computer geeks, some people are natural psychics. We all can walk, we all can learn to use a computer, we can all learn to use our intuition to help us. That learning requires effort and practice, no matter if it is a toddler learning to walk, a kid learning the computer, or anyone at any age with the courage to listen to our inner knowing. 

There are tools to help us learn those things. A baby uses the edge of a sofa or bench to pull themselves up and help them learn to walk. A computer is a tool for using and sharing information. Tarot cards, runes, tea leaves, or other intuition building exercises are tools for learning to listen to our intuition. 

Not everyone is a professional athlete. Not everyone works in IT. Not everyone can (or even wants) to do intuitive readings for themselves...much less for other people.  

But we all CAN honor our feelings and emotions, and have respect for other people's feelings, emotions, choices. In that way, intuitively speaking, we all can walk.


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