19 April 2012

Today's Tarot - Five of Coins

Our true possessions only exist within our heart and our mind. Compassion and authenticity are two of the greatest treasures there.

All else we need can be found there, too.

My friend and mentor Joy Star points this out in her reading about communicating with spirit guides. Even when we look for guidance comes from within...

I see this inner answer as happening one of three ways:

  • You recognize information as being true, valuable, and applicable...even if the source of that information comes from outside yourself. If your inner wisdom doesn't recognize the truth and value of it, the advice &  guidance goes unnoticed. 
  • Your inner connection to universe guides you. You need a connections to the world wide web to get information from the 'net...the same is true for spiritual guidance. You need an inner connection to the abstract, subtle and esoteric aspects of the cosmos to connect with that kind of information. You spirit guides can only guide you if you are listening.
  • Direct inner knowing...the "ah-HA" moment of genuine INsight.

Even when we look to outside for guidance, the connection to that guidance exists within ourselves. Our answers and our treasures are on the inside.


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