14 February 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 - How to Find Your Soulmate

I first wrote about "How to find your soulmate" in 2009. Soulmates, and finding that special someone is always a popular topic. Here is the latest edit - Happy Valentine's Day!

I get the question a lot. I ASKED the question a lot when I was younger and first started going to get psychic readings. I had no idea at the time that I would wind up doing readings and be asked that self-same eternal question - How Do I Find My Soulmate? After seeing the soulmate question from both sides, here are a few of the ideas that I've found to be most helpful.
My soulmate is a he, so I refere to "soulmate" in the masculine here. Gender doesn't matter. The same principles apply, either way.
  • Don"t worry about time...love is one of those cosmic truths beyond time. It doesn't need, want or respond to our time schedules or expectations. "it happens in its own time" and "you can't hurry love" are both very true. So don't worry about WHEN. After you take that pressure off of yourself, and off of your soulmate out there, then that creates more energetic space for the relationship to step into.
  • Why not let your soulmate find you? "Finding" hints at action, searching, seeking, struggling. "Finding" a soulmate is often counter-productive. If it is meant to be, it will happen naturally, and in the flow of things. Fighting the current, not 'going with the flow' only makes things harder. Think more in terms of a light in the darkness. If you are happy, relaxed, loving, compassionate, and being your genuine self, then you are more likely to attract your perfect mate to you. Not to sound like an e-harmony commercial, but they got that one right...you want to find someone who loves you for the real you - and the best way to have that happen is just to live fully, and honestly, and just BE your genuine self...not be someone on the prowl, hunting for a mate, like a wolf hunting for a rabbit. BE yourself, let your light shine, and if it is meant to be, your soulmate will be drawn to you. You might have heard that called the "law of similars"...like attracts like. If you are loving, you attract love. If you send out signals you are a hunter, you find preditors. If you send out signals of wanting to be with someone, then you find someone who mutually wants that too.
  • Do things that you love to do. Going to bars or whatever with the sole purpose of "finding a soulmate" seldom works. Do something you love, and you might meet someone who loves that same thing and viola! you find someone where you have something in common to help you get things rolling. For me that was martial arts. I LOVE doing tai chi. So now I'm married to a certified national martial arts tournament judge. Same is true for any hobby, sport or activity you really enjoy. That vibe of enjoyment will help the attraction process.
  • Love life. Be happy. Compassion, confidence and joie de vie are sexy and attractive.
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