25 October 2011

Today's Tarot - King of Swords

The King of Swords symbolizes "forging the spirit". It is no accident that sword-making imagery is used here. You can't forge a sword from fragile materials. Even when iron or steel is used, the metal is tempered and strengthened. No so much that it becomes brittle...that is an example of one thing (tempering) taken to an extreme and one thing (the strong metal) becomes its opposite (brittle, vulnerable, fragile).

The strengthening...growing...of the human spirit is much the same. Challenges make us stronger when we learn from them. Challenge beyond our individual ability to cope becomes stress. Stress makes us vulnerable to everything from illness to inattention to a bad hair day.

The human spirit is made of strong stuff. Like a well-made sword, it is bright, and beautiful.

Like a diamond, the human spirit is strong enough to have many facets. More facets brings out greater play of light and beauty...but takes more cuts, more challenge, more learning to achieve.
We humans are not defined by any one thing. We have more strengths and more facets than that. We are more than any one shallow label. To see the beauty, we must see all the facets.

Wishing you a day of strength and beauty.


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