25 October 2011

Q&A: What religion are you?

Somebody asked this the other day when they called to ask about getting a tarot reading. I'm guessing they didn't like the answer, since they didn't make an appointment.

This question is what drew me to today's card. This post is sort of a  "King of Swords supplemental...the many facets of a human being."

Nobody is defined by any one label, not even the "religion" one.

You might be a person who believes in X  or practices Y religion, but it isn't the sum total of who you are. You might like to golf, but that isn't the totality of who you are, either. I like rainy days and science fiction. Choice of religion is no more defining than that. Some people define themselvesalmost totally by their religion. In my opinion, we shouldn't define other people by their religion any more than we define them by their favorite flavor of ice cream.

If religion is important to you, then knowing the religion of a psychic or tarot reader is a good question to ask. If you need a reader from a particular religious background in order to resonate with them and have a good reading, by all means keep asking until you find that match. There areChristian psychics out there if that"s what you need.

I'm not one of them.

I see spirituality as a very personal thing. That's why I treat readings with great respect. I'm honored when someone shares that part of themselves with me. That's part of why I won't read a sitter's love-interest in a romance reading without that other person's permission.

Personally, whatever spirituality I'm willing to share is already right here in this blog. Read the archives. It's pretty obvious that, while I don't participate in any given religion, I draw from the common ideas between a number of spiritual traditions: Taoism, Buddhism, Native American thought, Spiritism, even a little Wicca. My childhood was spent in a very devout Christian family, so I'm familiar with that mind-set, even though I don't agree with it much. I've read world religion books with overviews of Judeaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto...the major ones that books seem to cover. I may not know a lot about those, but I do know what is right for me...and I know that I respect your right to decide what is right for you.  I have no intention of convincing anyone of anything...ever. The readings are what they are, my view is what it is....all I can do is share it. The rest is up to the reading public to decide...to take it or leave it as they see fit. Get right down too it, I'm a freethinker, and hope this resonates with other Freethinkers too.

I am ever grateful to those who do decide to 'take' the blog under consideration and give the posts a read. Thank you.

To label a person by their religion is, in my mind, the fast track to bigotry. To judge a person by religion is no better than judging a fellow human by the color of their skin. If you want to talk about your religion, that's cool. If not, that's cool too. It doesn't change the reading I do one bit, because there is so much else to talk about, so many other analogies to make.

So what religion am I? None. I'm not a religion, I'm a human being.


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