29 August 2011

Good Giants

We stand on the shoulders of giants. The million little how-tos we've learned that make up the fabric of daily life all had to come from somewhere, from how to make your bed to the grandest bit of philosophy.

Sometimes we are the giant. We build on what we've learned before. Sometimes we re-discover things that worked, but we've let slide.

It is up to us to choose good giants. We each choose the advice we take, and the ideas we reject. Mentors and examples are there for us. In this age of tv, book, internet and more...ideas and advice are easier to find than ever.

Paradoxically, the need to find good giants is greater than ever. It is easy to find advice, mentors and teachers. More guidance is available than ever before...but that isn't to say it is of any good quality. Guidance is easy to find. Choosing what what advice to take...and not...is a vital skill for everyone. Choose wisely and find a good giant...and you will reach higher than you dreamed possible.


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