11 June 2011

Today's Tarot - The Empress

The Empress on the card would love this morning in "Birdland". Who wouldn't? The sun is shining, the temperature cooled overnight, birds are singing, and the coffee is ready.

The Empress card is associated with "nature and beauty". There is a very drapey-flowey, lacey, ultra-feminine side to the card - it reminds me a little of that phrase from Judy Tenuda's stand-up routine in the early 90s. Luckily, it isn't all "petite flower giver-goddess". The Empress also has a a very down-to-earth, no drama side too. That's the side that comes to mind today.

"Nothing fancy" is the feel. You don't have to go somewhere exotic to experience the touch of Nature. People and the cities, crime and pollution they create are part of nature, a part of the universal-everything (though not necessarily a good part).

Nature is just as much present in the little park up the street as it is in the wilderness. It is as much in a Pittsburgh rain storm as it is in the rainforest. Nature is in a goldfish bowl as much as in the ocean, and in a potted plant on the windowsill as much as in the mountains.

The beauty of Nature is right there in your next breath.

Wishing you day of full of life, beauty and nature close at hand.


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