08 June 2011

Daily Meditation - Page of Wands

Today's card is a nice example of something I've learned from working with Tarot and intuition: change, new people and fresh ideas invigorate everyone except the fearful.

You may not think of something as old as Tarot in terms of 'research'. But academic research is an example of today's card...

Think of a research and development lab. What if a new idea or new person comes along...things can go a couple of ways. The change can bring fresh ideas. The people on the team can embrace the newness, adapt, and raise the level of the lab's research for the love of what they do and what they hope to learn.

Or, they can fear change, hold on to old ideas, become defensive and allow the research they used to value to suffer for it.

So how does this apply to Tarot and psychics?

The intuitive, creative right side of the brain can become as rigid and fearful as the scientific, logical 'research lab' left side of the brain. Even supposedly insightful "psychics" can be resistant to change. It may stem from a fear of being "wrong" or a fear of being judged by 'logical' society. Whatever the reason, today's card advises us that change can be good, and fearing change is maybe not so good.

Even the process of reaching this message is an example of the message itself...let me explain.

Tarot readers seem to collect card decks and books about Tarot meanings. This is a good thing...it is just like those research scientists reading journals and papers and keeping up on the latest in their field.

Even though tarot cards have been around for ages, every reader puts their own spin on things. One person's way of looking at a card might be very different from another's. Sometimes one interpretation of a card just doesn't seem right. If that happens, it is time for a different, fresh look at the card. It helps to look at the same card from a different deck. Sometimes the change in artwork can offer inspiration. Sometimes checking another reference might help. That is exactly what happened today. The most common interpretation I've found for the Page of Wands is "reciprocity"....things being of equal exchange. That didn't seem quite right, so I went to another favorite reference which associates the card with change, and an influx of new idea...even to the extent of 'social progress' in a way.

That's the ticket! Some psychics have been writing of a "shift in consciousness" coming in 2012 (that's a kettle of fish for another day). Look at the mainstream news, about the "Arab Summer" and cultural changes in the middle east. Look at the time of year...schools out, and people are coming alive, getting outside and getting active. Even the sun is waking up...there are reports about solar ejection masses and flairs after a longer than average "solar minimum". So it all fits...change, renewal, embracing change and new ideas. That is the lesson today's card, the Page of Wands, has for us.

Wishing you a refreshing day!


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