09 June 2011

Daily meditation - Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is often read as "creation". While you can get all deistic and magical about that idea, sometimes I like to take it a little more literally...creation is just as tied to "creativity" and "create something" as it is to the "all of creation" part of the word. I like to think of it in terms of that "OK GO" interview on the Colbert Report a few months ago..."we're artists, we like to make stuff".

Imagination is an important part of that process at any age. Imagination and creativity are as useful to adults as they are essential to children. We can use imagination to run thought-experiments on our choices before we make or act on them. Einstein is an extreme example. He is the one who coined the term "thought experiments" when he used a healthy dose of imagination and visualization combined with uber-advanced mathematics in his work on Relativity. You may not be uncovering the workings of the universe - but you can use the same basic technique. Just imagine "what would happen if....choice A" and "what would happen if...choice B". It's not foolproof. That's where the math and logic and common sense plays its part. No one can anticipate every eventuality. Bias can really muck things up. Even so, imagination can be a useful piece of a decision-making puzzle.

It takes work, and logic, and adaptability to create and make a better future, but imagining a better world is also essential to its creation.

Wishing you an imaginative day.


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