04 May 2011

The nice side of being psychic too

Thank you to everyone who sent such supportive comments on yesterday's post. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who notice the energies.

One of the joys of doing this kind of work is finding like minded people to help each other along the way.

And I'd especially like to thank you for the reminder of how grounding and balancing is especially important for the energy-sensitive.

The bonus to being sensitive is that we are as attuned to the good things as we are to the disturbing. Little pleasures go a long way sometimes.

Small things like wearing a certain gemstones can have a wonderfully beneficial affect on energy. Hematite, obsidian and black tourmaline are good choices for grounding, and dealing with heavily negative energies, like those we experienced Monday or so.

I'm fond of aromatherapy, so a mist over the head and shoulders with lemon or geranium oil can help life heavy energies, while resin based scents like cinnamon and clove are more grounding and protective.

I don't know about you all, but the energies seemed to turn a corner yesterday. Edges softened, hatred eased a bit. It felt like a sigh of relief, instead of the thousand needles of the days before.

May we all move on to a more peaceful place.



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