03 May 2011

The down side to being psychic

Why would anyone WANT to do this?

Based on the books I've read and the people I know, most psychics seem come to intuitive work in a convoluted, challenged, even reluctant way. I can't imaging actively seeking it and wanting to be "psychic".

You can't rich from it, not if you are honest, anyway. It doesn't predict the future, give you lottery numbers or make life really any easier. It puts you on the fringe, gets you funny looks from people, and, if you are open and honest about what you believe, can even throw a monkey wrench in family relationships. Just what life needs...more challenges.

There are some things about developing your intuition that can be a pain in the backside. Yesterday was a prime example. It would be nice to chant USA with everyone else and just get on with life, but it is never that simple is it? Times like this it is easy to see where the adage "ignorance is bliss" comes from...

Though violent, the death of Bin Laden was a necessary act of protection...to protect others from his killing and the killing he would inspire. Yet how can any thinking feeling human celebrate that with the cheer exhuberance? How can you dance on skeletons, party on top of all who died because of a monster and in persuit of that monster?

It was necessary, but celebrating death and violence violates our soul and karma almost as much as death and violence itself. It should have been a day of relief, perhaps, closure for those most affected, certainly...but for everyone else, if we are any sort of civilized or enlightened society, it would have been a day to remember those we have lost along the way to justice, and a vow to do it all better next time...not a midnight party, not a beer-in-times-square-meets-weekend-in-vegas indulgence.

My opinion...sure it is. Nothing more. But it is an opinion forged from psychic sensitivities. Yesterday was filled with visions of our national soul...our future's dna...being crushed and twisted by hate and vengefulness. The posturing, the gleefullness, the cheering...the energies felt, on an emotional / intuitive level, like walking through a fine mist of battery acid.

A football player made a clumsy, in-artful, ill-informed comment (big surprise, eh?) But for all of his lack of understanding of history and basic physics...under it was a tone of asking for reason. He, though clumsily, asked people to beware of blind hatred. He was called a jerk. (Actually, that was the most PG thing he was called)

The down-side to being psychic is seeing and feeling injustice when other people might not.I'm so grateful for like minds with the courage to speak out...like Shiyingfa. In their own way Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert too. I appreciate their subtle acknowledgement of this point of view.

The down side to being psychic is feeling the shifts in energy...even when they are unpleasant.

Think of that before you decide you want to "be a psychic". Like many swords, it is double edged


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